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As a nation we are becoming increasingly aware of the need to take greater care of ourselves, both physically and mentally, and as a result we’re striving ever more for the most natural ways of enhancing our overall health and wellbeing, such as.. far infrared heat therapy.

Our mission is to educate the public on the numerous health benefits of this revolutionary health care technology.

For centuries people have valued the importance of using heat therapy, and not merely as a means of improving their overall health and wellbeing, but also as a powerful means of prevention.

Now with the availability of the infrared sauna we’re able to enjoy these benefits within our own homes.

Here at Raycare we believe that our far infrared saunas are among the best carbon panel based saunas on the market today, they are affordably priced, easy to install and maintain, and very economical to operate.

We know of no other product that can have such a positive impact on our overall health and wellbeing.


Raycare’s state of the art production facility operates the most stringent of quality systems and utilising no less than fifty fully trained inspectors we cover every aspect of manufacture, from raw material selection, through to final inspection, packaging, loading and dispatch, enabling us to offer a level of quality that we beleive unsurpassed.


Raycare’s research and development team continuously re-evaluate our far infrared sauna design to ensure that they’re among the most advanced available. Our far infrared saunas are fully certified to international standards and utilise the latest multi patented Japanese designed carbon fibre heating panels, this advanced technology enables our saunas to deliver a heat that is both comfortable and effective, yet highly energy efficient.

Please continue perusing our website for additional information on the outstanding health benefits that this technology has to offer.