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Far Infrared

far infraredWhat is far infrared?


Far infrared is electromagnetic radiation whose wavelength is longer than that of visible light, but shorter than that of terahertz radiation and microwaves. The name means “below red” (from the Latin infra, “below”), red being the colour of visible light with the longest wavelength.

The sun is our principle source of infrared radiant energy and is essential for the wellbeing of all living things, its’ electromagnetic waves penetrate deep within the body to create a natural regenerative resonance.

As the human body consists of approximately 72% water it makes sense that studies indicate the wavelength most beneficial to our well-being encompass the frequency at which the water molecule resonates, this vibration causes the release of cellular toxins including heavy metals, toxic gases, substances from processed foods, lactic acids, free fatty acids and cholesterol.

Raycare’s patented carbon fibre heating panels have been designed to radiate far infrared energy within this optimum wavelength, thus maximising the many health benefits that far infrared therapy offers.

Far infrared.. a comfortable heat?

Conventional saunas rely on indirect means to heat the body, namely hot coals and steam to heat the surrounding air. For this to be in any way beneficial the air needs to be approximately 100°C, considerably hotter than that of an infrared sauna, making the environment not only very uncomfortable in terms of sheer temperature but one in which merely breathing can be very discomforting.

Infrared saunas however operate at approximately 45°C, this is because the body is heated directly and less than 20% of the energy produced heats the air, meaning that over 80% is utilized to heat our bodies, and to a depth of approximately 2 inches.. physically impossible by any other means !

Infrared emitter technology

It’s widely acknowledged that the band of far infrared radiation most beneficial to the human body exists at a frequency of 9.4um and your choice of heating element will make a huge difference to not only the amount of truly beneficial far infrared radiation received but also your overall enjoyment.

There are two popular types of far infrared emitters commonly available, the older Ceramic/Quarts type and the newer flat panel Carbon fibre far infrared emitter as used by Raycare.

Carbon flat panel far infrared emitters

This is the latest infrared technology available and uses large, flexible carbon fibre panels that offer the following advantages over the older Ceramic/Quartz type emitters.

  • Large surface area
  • Low surface temperature (75°C)
  • Even heat distribution (no hot spots)
  • Greater output at the all important frequency of 9.4um
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Low power consumption


 Ceramic/Quarts infrared emitters

The Ceramic/Quartz types of emitters were originally designed for industrial applications and have the following characteristics when compared with the latest carbon flat panel emitters.

  • Small surface area
  • High surface temperature (190-500°C)
  • Uneven distribution of heat (Hot spots)
  • Wide frequency output (little truly beneficial far infrared radiation)
  • Limited life/warranty
  • High power consumption

Raycare’s Carboncare 360 Plus™ far infrared emitters

Raycare’s Carboncare 360 Plus™ panels were the first to gain patent approval for utilizing nano technology during manufacture, this technology results in a panel with a low surface temperature and evenly spread output providing both truly beneficial far infrared therapy and a comfortable environment. This unique heater technology has proven effective in tens of thousands of far infrared therapy products worldwide.. so when making your decision why not choose a heating technology that is cheaper to maintain, safer to operate, more comfortable and more beneficial than any other.

Nano technology

Microscopic droplets of carbon are the key to the panel’s performance; these nano-sized droplets are uniformly spread across the panel’s surface representing a significant technological achievement.


This nano carbon technology has earned patents in numerous countries and has been certified for Electrical Safety Standards worldwide.

Independent testing

These panels have been submitted to several reputable independent testing facilities for evaluation and all the results have confirmed far infrared output at the desirable therapeutic frequency range.